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Bhringraj Powder for hair 100gm
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Bhringraj Powder for hair 100gm

Brand : Henna Dream

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Size : 100 gm

Directions :
Mix 20% Bhringraj Powder and 80% Neutral henna (Cassia) with water to make a thin paste. Apply the paste in suitable consistency on the scalp. Allow the paste to remain on scalp for one hour. Rinse scalp thoroughly with water. 

Advantages :
  • It has a calming affect
  • helps in strengthening the hair roots and prevents hair loss
  • helps to control and get rid of dandruff. 
  • helps promote a good, and well rested sleep.
  • stops premature greying
  • affective against skin allergies
Store in a cool dark place, refrigerator or freezer.