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Jadi Budi Rahasya (Hindi)

Jadi Budi Rahasya (Hindi)

Brand : Divya / Patanjali

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Indians have been in use of medicinal plants as such since times immamorial.In ancient India Rshi-Munis were forest dwellers where they had ample scope of searching medicinal plants and using them to treat people. This tradition even today has a say and people hold deep faith in the efficacy and use of single or in combination medicinal plants to treat common as well as complicated disease problems. However with the passage of time, the knowledge of medicinal plant species faded away and a lot of confusion to their identity has been added. More so, because of many synonyms available for each plant.

The book provides coloured photographs of each plant and their usable
drug part and simple drug uses. The book is useful to all those readers who are constantly in search of medicinal plant species either for personal use or for use them for  commercial gains and also for large scale growing.