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Chyawanprash (Organic)

Brand : Organic India


Size: 250g(8.8Oz)
Descriptions: Chyawanprash is suitable for people of all ages to regenerate their immunity and strength. It energizes, strengthens lungs as well as heart. Strenghtnes respiratory system and imprves immunity, it makes the body nourished & rejuvenated. This chyawanprash is prepared by blending in pure and organic natural herbs and spices in the right proportion.
Therapeutic Uses:
-Chyawanprash is an excellent rejuvenator (tonic) for all persons.
-People of all age-groups and genders including children women & old persons, can take this  equally.
-It helps in physical & mental strength, strengthens lungs as well as heart. It makes the body nourished & compact.
-After nourishing the seven dhatus of the body (tissue elements, viz.(1) rasa or chyle including lymph, (2) rakta or the haemoglobin fraction of the blood, (3) mamsa or muscle, tissue, (4) medas or fat tissue, (5) asthi or bone tissue, (6) majja. or bonemarrow, and (7) shukra or the sperm in male & ovum in female) it promotes strength, virility, energy, lustre & intellect.
Ingredients: Amla fruit, Grape fruit, Cardomom seed, Long Pepper fruit, Cassia leaves, Cinnamon bark, Haritaki fruit, Guruchi stem, Adenophora root, Agarwood, Beech Bush bark, Bel bark, Bitterweet whole, Black Gram whole, Cyperus root, Devils Claw fruit, Indian Kudzu root, Kempereria Galanga rhizome, Mung Bean whole, Oroxylum bark, Padri root, Premna bark, Purnarnava whole, Sarivan whole, Shatavari root, Tribulus whole, Waterlily flower, Yellow Fruit Nightside whole, Ashwagandha root, Bamboo, Curculigo root, Laptedenia root, Mesua stamen, Phyllanthus whole, Sandalwood.
Other Ingredients: Organic evaporated cane juice, organic honey, organic clarified butter (ghee), organic sesame oil.
Directions: Take 1-2 teaspoonful 1-2 times aday after food with warm milk.
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